CRM Technology Integration

Technology Integration

RAIO®  will be soon integrated with other PMS, EMR & CRM to get in sync and share the information seamlessly. This will expedite all work functions of Revenue Cycle Management and will faster the turnaround time of work delivery.

CRM Paperless Administration

Paperless Administration

Elimination Of Excel Through RAIO® Which Helps In Maintaining Multiple Sheets Without The Loss Of Data. Minimum The Usage Of Excel. All The Reporting Function Are Incorporated To Ease The Reporting Function And Get The Details With A Click Of a Button.

CRM Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Accessing Of Data Anywhere Is Possible Through Mobile Application And With Convenience.
Easy Navigation Of The Data And All The Functionality.

CRM Performance


HRMS Data Can Be Maintained Easily And Also Viewed With Comfort. Login Hour Details Of Team Can Be Viewed And Reported Live. Performance Of Team, Client Accounts Can Be Tracked Easily And Also Reports Can Be Navigated As Per Requirement.

CRM Access Control

Access Control

Data Securities Is On First Priority As It Can Be Accessed From Anywhere And Also Can be Controlled From Anywhere. Dashboard Are Maintained And Viewed With Very Ease And Comfortably. Uploading Data Is Made At A Button Click To Maintain The Database And Consolidated At One Place. All Important Information Or Documents Can Be Uploaded Or Accessed Easily And It Can Also Be Controlled With Limitations Of Access.

CRM Out of Office

Out of Office

During Out Of Office As, Well Data Can Be Accessed With One Click And Accordingly Instructions Can Be Passed Without Physical Appearance.

CRM Information Accessibility

Information Accessibility

Data Can Be Accessed With Ease And Navigation Is Also On Finger Tips.
We Have Multiple Filters Available In RAIO®. By The Help Of It, We Can Have A Desire for Data Without Hustle.

CRM Flexibility


Simple, Well-Defined Navigation Trendy, Intuitive Design And User Experience
Easy Documents Uploading And Downloading

  • We Can Assign/Re-Assign/Un-Assign The Account In A Single Click

CRM Productivity

About Productivity

Allocation, Reassigning And Auditing Allocation Can Be Done Automatically And With One Click. Reporting Can Be Accessed As Well With One Click To Review The Reporting Aspect Of Production And Audits. Auto Notes Formats Are Designed To Minimize The Errors And Keep Universal Formatting Of Notes. Auto Emails Are Generated And Circulated Of The Reports.
Tracking Of Production, Audits And Performance Of Client Accounts Can Be Monitored On Hourly Basis As Well.

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